Fujairah Latin Festival
Andrea & Maria (Italy)

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Talal & Edyta (Belgium)

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Fadi & Bersy (Spain)

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Berkan & Gulden (Turkey)
President of Inner Anatolia Region of Turkey at IDO - International Dance Organization, President of Social Latin Dances 'SALSA' Foreign Relationships Committee at Türkiye Dans Sporlari Federasyonu and Owner and Manager of Crypto Dance Academy Ankara - Turkey at Crypto Dans Akademi

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Mike Faya & Maureen Ortin - FRANCE
Mike Faya & Maureen Ortin
 Mike to play a leading role of a hip-hop dancer in a comedy musicale.En addition to his experience television dancer, he has come by chance one of the shows of the most prestigious Champs Elysées cabaret called "The Pau Caribbean" . The merger with the dance happen, bringing three years of happiness and prosperity around the magic, beauty and exoticism. Thanks to his talent, Mike excels at different levels, namely as a musician, Caribbean dancer and also as a choreographer.
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Ersin Altas & Hande Atalay - TURKEY
Ersin Altas & Hande Atalay
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Evgeny Lisunov & Kristina Lisunova -RUSSIA
Evgeny Lisunov & Kristina Lisunova 
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christos shakallis - CYPRUS

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salsa n candela - QATAR
Meli Candela

Meli Candela started dancing 13 years ago with Latin & Ballroom Dance. She used to be a judge and an active member in the Lebanese Dance Sport Federation. In 2005, she started feeling more passionate about salsa and soon became one of the rmain Salsa leaders in the region.
Over the years She participated and performed in many Regional Festivals such as Dubai , Lebanon , Jordan , Bahrain , Fujairah, Cyprus and International Festivals such as New York and Berlin

In 2008 ,Meli relocated to Qatar and founded Salsa n Candela , works hard to open opportunities to all local dance talents to grow and develop their dancing skills. SnC is the face of the Dance scene in Qatar and Reference name for any dance related event and continues to be an active Leader in the Dance community in the region and elsewhere.
Meli is very well known for her Great Spirit, unique feminine style and Passion about Salsa Dancing, a friend and supporter to everyone, you never see her dancing without a smile on her face
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Aziz & Samar -KUWAIT

passion to dance has started at a very early age. When he was 6 years old, he started dancing to the public as he was part of a charity entertainment team after the war. Along with his gifted talent, he continuously worked to improve himself in all dances he likes such as hip-hop, bachata, salsa and specially as he took the lead in spreading salsa on2 locally. …

or as known by ‘mini skittles’ showed an early athletic skills. At the age of 9 and 10, she won her golden medals in Gymnasium on a country level. Dancing was always part of her daily life, from Ballet when young to her most favorable dance, hip-hop which took her to another level. She started Latin Dance only two years ago, but her talent, and mix of backgrounds helped her progress faster.

Together Aziz and Samar:
are known for their dynamic and creative energetic presence. They teach salsa (LA, NY style), bachata, pachanga and hip-hop. In addition, they have been attending, performing, teaching and competing in various congresses such as Istanbul, Cyprus, Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Bahrain. In 2014, they’ve participated in the boot-camp and performed on Istanbul’s stage with the Salsa World Champions David & Paulina. In short time, they became well-known among the most renowned dancers in the region.
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Moe Flex - UK

Moe Flex 

Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the International Latin Dance Scene today. With the biggest smile in salsa, his boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through determination and talent.

By adding his own personal touch to everything he does, Moe makes every dance experience a positive and memorable one and always leaves you wanting more. He really is an inspiring and motivational role model for all performing artists and celebrities. Moe has worked with Rolldeep, Tim Westwood, 50 Cent, BLU Cantrell, Craig David, Guy Ritchie & Madonna. 

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Ye Mambo - SPAIN