Fujairah Latin Festival
Ersin & Hande - Turkey
The pioneers of salsa in Turkey and the lovable couple Ersin & Hande are continuing with us in Chapter 6 of FUJI FUJI. They are an amazing social dancers and artists, and they definitely know to party hard. They are essential for FUJI and we can't wait to have them again this year, but guess what. In this year is a very special deal for us as we will be having them "Group Aura" team to be part of FUJI.
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Marco & Sara Panero - Spain
After an amazing appearance in FUJI Last year, Sara Panero was loved by all the people in this region for her amazing talent, social and friendliness. In this year, Sara and Marco has been doing a lot in the bachata scene around the world, spreading their amazing style alongside Sara's amazing Kizomba career. We are honored to have Marco, Peruvian origin to FUJI FUJI Family and for the first time ever in the region. Please join me in welcoming this beautiful couple in chapter 6.
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Moe Flex - UK
Please join me to welcome Moe Flex in his 2nd home, we are so delighted as every single chapter to have one of the main characters in Fuji Story. He is considered one of the top and creative MC currently around the world. About the Artist Battle, he is the Captain of FMF "Team Flex" and he is ready for the Battle.
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Charlie & Vero - Spain
We are honored to have Charlie & Vero for the first time in FUJI FUJI at chapter 6. We are certain that with this addition, it will add an amazing flavor to the festival. They are an amazing talented artist in Bachata and Salsa. They know how to party hard and social with everyone. Lets all welcome them to FUJI.
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Mike Faya & Maureen - Cuba/France
The most lovable couple in the latin scene, one of the best fun people to be around. They quickly became part of FUJI family in the last 3 chapters and they give a special flavor to any festival they go to. They are well known of their amazing shows with a hip hop and fusion twist and we cant wait to see what they are preparing for us. We are sure that they will make chapter 6 on Fayaaaaaaa.
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Osmani Segura - Cuba
For all the Cuban Style Lovers in this region. We are honored to have Osmani and for the first time ever in the region in FUJI FUJI. Osmani was born in ‘Habana Vieja', a very special place in Havana, Cuba.
His dancing journey began at a very young age in Cuba. Since then, the street became his main school and the stage his second home. He was a member of several dance companies in Cuba, allowing him to improve dances like, Rumba, Afro-Cuban, Mambo, traditional cuban dances, Casino ( Salsa Cubana ) and urban dances.
His career as a teacher started back in Cuba in 2002. Later on in Germany in 2006, he became a member of the hip-hop crew 'Just blaze' leaded by Camillo Lauricella and received the first place at the german Hip-Hop Championship.
Since 2010 he has been providing his knowledge to his students, all the way from beginners to stage performer level. As an artist he has taught and performed at several salsa congresses and festivals all over Europe, as well as on several national television shows.
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Diego & Ozlem - Mexico/Turkey
The amazing awesome couple are now back in UAE. The people of emirates adores this couple and we are sure you all missed them, and you want to party hard with them. On behalf of the family of fuji team, we are honored to add Diego & Ozlem to our fuji chapters, and we are sure of how much they will add for this event. Lets all welcome them to Fuji Fuji.
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Enoch & Yoana (Yemambo) - Spain
Who doesn't know this couple??? they are one of the main charecaters of FUJI STORY since we started this festival. Every year they surprise us and inspire us with their talent and their friendliness with every one. They party hard till early morning and FUJI FUJI is their home as they never missed one single festival. Let's welcome them this year.
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Gaby & Estefy - Spain
We are so honored and for the first time in the Gulf to have the amazing and friendly couple Gaby & Estefy. They won many times the champions in Bachata and other style. Every time they do their show the stage will be on FIRE. They love to party and social all night. Finally we got them in FUJI after their busy schedule, we tried to book them many years before. For the amazing surprise and for the first time in FUJI, we are going to have a Bachata concert by GABY. His voice is outstanding, you will witness that LIVE in this chapter.
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Terry & Cecile - France

We are so honored to have the amazing Terry and Cecile back and for the third time in Fuji Fuji. Terry is the leader of Team Terry for the infamous artist battle in FUJI and this time he is ready for the battle. He is one of the best social dancers in the world and he inspired many people to follow his style of dance. Cecile is amazing professional dancer and she has an amazing and lovely team back in France and its always amazing to have her in FUJI again.

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