Fujairah Latin Festival
DJ Esteban
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DJ M Mustafa Omar - UAE/ SOMALIA
DJ M Mustafa Omar
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Ten years after Christmas' eve 1991 when he first mixed for a salsa crowd in Nijmegen, (Holland), Cisko moved to Belgium, while his name were heard in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Düsseldorf, etc. He carried on with his activities in Holland organising parties or being invited as a dj but he wanted to be a part of the Belgian Salsa Scene where fellow dj's were heating up the local dance floors. Cisko clearly had a different way of playing salsa and the crowd liked it. He is often invited to plug his headphones on World's Salsa events, from Brussels to Dubai, Sofia, Bucharest, Paramaribo, Athens, and Amsterdam to name a few locations. About his passion, he said: "..I am not sure I have a "style" as SALSA evolves as music as well as a dance. I learn a lot listening to local and international dj's around the world. I try to adjust with the audience and smoothly bring him to react to my inspiration of the moment. My audience inspires me: a smile, a glance, a shine, a hip movement or a Salsero (a)'s footwork and I there I go for a next song or a mix. One guideline though, it has to be a good song, with a rich text or a great musical arrangement.

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DJ Moe Flex - UK
Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the international Latin dance scene today! With the biggest smile in salsa, his boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through sheer determination and talent.
By adding his own personal touch to everything he does, Moe makes every dance experience a positive and memorable one and always leaves you wanting more. He really is an inspiring and motivational role model for all performing artists and celebrities and has worked with the likes of Rolldeep, Tim Westwood, 50 cent, Blu Cantrell, Craig David, Guy Ritchie & Madonna. 
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Kwaity started as Hip Hop and RnB Lover. He started to fall in love with latin rhythms in 2006 where he introduced all his HIPHOP style into the salsa world. He started Latin DJing in Fujairah in 2012 at The Harbour Club where everyone fell in love with his music. DJ Kwaity is one of the members of Moe Brothers crew for the past 2 years and he's been booked for so many International events.  
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DJ Udia - U.A.E.
Born in Abu Dhabi (UAE), he moved to Dubai in 1995 , where he discovered his love for the music . In 2003 he was introduced to the salsa scene accidentally and became a member of the ‘Legends’ dance team – Dubai 1st International salsa dance team – lead by Ahmed Salsa. In 2005 he started DJ’ing at various salsa parties around Dubai thanks to DJ Switch who recognized his hidden talent and ear for the music. Currently resident at Dubai ‘s largest regular salsa club, Ahmed (aka DJ Udia) plays a variety of music for all, but his heart lies in urban salsa. In his quest to offer new musical experiences to the dancer he is always seeking out rare vinyl and out of print gems for his next set. Though known for his hardcore salsa set’s, DJ Udia has played at a range of events, from international salsa congresses to intimate Latin clubs both home and abroad. Having played to both dancers, music aficionados and local Latin communities, he knows how to play to a varied crowd. Additionally, being able to see things from a dancers perspective he understands what keeps feet on the floor and works hard to keep the dancers “in the zone ” all night.
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DJ Capital "F" - OMAN
Capital 'F' has been performing in the Sultanate of Oman since 2002. Capital 'F' is Fun, Friendly and Flexible and aims to turn every party into a great and memorable party in a very interactive manner, by creating the correct atmosphere to ensure maximum enjoyment. He has performed in many countless occasions and International Group Incentive Parties and theme Parties at most of the well known hotels and establishments in the Sultanate of Oman including camp sites in the Wahibi sands. 
Capital 'F' is a completely self contained mobile set up with sound and lighting and international music ranging from 1950 to present with most genres and covers all areas of the globe. The newest addition to the range of music now includes the pulsating energising beats of Zouk.
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Dmitri was first introduced to salsa and inspired to dance and collect music in 2002. His growing love for salsa inspired him to do more than just dance; He started his DJ’ing journey after several years of collecting music and he is one of the 1st Salsa and Latin DJs in Jordan. He played in several events and was the main DJ at the “Dead Sea International Salsa Festival”, and he also DJ’d at the 7th Cyprus Salsa Festival 2012, Oman Salsa Festival 2012, and several times in Doha – Qatar at the Salsa’n’Candela events. Currently based in Dubai, he plays at most of the Latin events in the UAE and especially at the famous Angel’s Party in Dubai in 2011, The Abu Dhabi Dance In The Capital Boot Camp 2011, the Que Paso Latin and R’n’B nights, The BNF International Salsa Festival, the Dubai Latin and Tango Festival 2012, and now he is a regular DJ at the Monday & Tuesday salsa socials in Dubai, two of the biggest nights in the UAE. Dmitri is collecting major events under his sleeve and becoming more popular every month. His music taste is spreading fast and his unique Mambo sets have become a “high- demand” among the dance communities in the region
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DJ Sistaa - UK/ UAE
Began helping organizing all-day dance events in London with Salsa Republic and on arriving in Dubai in 2007, got involved in teaching with Ahmed Salsa’s team and since then have been the Stage Manager for the Dubai International Dance Festival 2008-2012, Abu Dhabi Salsa Festival, 2nd Zouk Latin Festival and the new Fujairah Latin Festival 2013.

Passionate for music especially dancehall, reggae and old school RnB and Hip Hop. Taking on the After Party DJ role at the Oman International Salsa Festival in 2011 and the Zouk Latin Festival 2012. Due to the family connection, Dj Udia decided her DJ name should be Sistaa.

The dance community is a family, whatever style you dance, respect it, appreciate it and show love. Pass the rum and bailamos!
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DJ Crazy Joe "Joe Hanna" - LEBANON/ UAE
An IT project management at day and a lead mentor/ salsa instructor & DJ at night, Joseph Hanna also known as DJ CrazyJoe, is one of the most popular salsa and latin DJs in the Middle East. His innovative style in dancing and teaching has made him as one of the most sough after-teachers in Abu Dhabi. Joe's Passion for salsa began in 2002.
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